General terms and conditions of using the platform

1. Confirmation and acceptance of this agreement

DATATRADE s.r.o. organizational unit, with registered office at Hradní 27/37, 710 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic, IČO 28592913 (hereinafter referred to as "DATATRADE") manages the Internet platform, hereinafter referred to as "", through which registered users (hereinafter "users") can enter and download various information, backgrounds, etc.
 All services of (hereinafter referred to as "service") are free of charge, unless otherwise stated in the price list for paid services.

By creating an account and confirming the "General terms and conditions of using the internet platform of, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions stated in the Terms.
If you do not agree with some of the provisions, do not enter information or do not register as a client and do not use the service!

2. Registration

In order to use the services you need to register. DATATRADE will notify you by e-mail that you have been registered. DATATRADE reserves the right to terminate your service at any time if the data you entered does not comply with the registration conditions of Article 2. After successful registration, a virtual account will be created for the use of the service. (hereinafter referred to as the "Account").
DATATRADE has the right to refuse to provide service to anyone without giving any reason.

3. Services and prices

The basic services of the internet platform of are free of charge.
 The price of paid services is regulated by the pricelist of services.
Pricelist will be sent on request.

4. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

DATATRADE reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions. After any such change, DATATRADE will publish the amended General Terms and Conditions on the web site of the about the information you send to the registration e-mail, and will inform you of this change. The revised General Terms and Conditions will enter into force automatically after you have posted the page. Otherwise, the General Terms and Conditions can not be changed unless both parties sign a written agreement. Your continued use of the services after publishing the modified rules on this site confirms your agreement to the new rules.

5. Change of services

DATATRADE reserves the right to change or terminate any part of the service. DATATRADE will provide you with the maximum amount of information about such change or termination, if this is possible under the circumstances. Such announcements will be published on the web site of

6. Password and security

Access to and use of services is possible through a combination of username and password. You will ensure that you keep your own username and password secret and that you will not allow any unauthorized party to use these services. You agree to immediately inform DATATRADE of any breach of security that you have learned.

7. Ownership entitlement

By doing so, you grant DATATRADE all rights to publish any content, texts, trademarks, trade names, and listings that you authorize to use in the service so that DATATRADE can provide the service. At the same time, you are responsible for having the right to use trademarks and brands that you are not the owner of. DATATRADE is not responsible for any disputes arising out of unauthorized copyright infringement. You can only use all DATATRADE tags in connection with a service link.

8. Operating rules

You are responsible for running your account.

You agree that:
You are responsible for the actions of anyone who uses your username and the content of your presentation. You will be notified by DATATRADE whenever errors in DATATRADE or broken links occur in your presentation. DATATRADE reserves the right to suspend links with broken links. You will comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using the Service, including, but not limited to, the Data Protection Act. You will not be treated as another natural or legal person, or it may be untrue to claim.
You will not use the service for illegal or immoral purposes. You will not use the service for inserting inappropriate material.
You will not disclose, promote, promote any unlawful, disturbing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, racial or ethnically hateful material, material that promotes conduct leading to a criminal offense or otherwise violates applicable laws or regulations. DATATRADE assumes no responsibility for any threatening, abusive, obscene, disturbing, or offensive material that is part of such materials or for any crime to which the use of the service has helped.
In the event of any violation of any of the trafficking rules specified in Article 8, you run the risk of criminal prosecution.
You will in no way insert or distribute files that contain viruses or any similar software or programs that could damage someone else's hardware and software. You will not use any device, software or program to interfere with and interfere with the proper operation of the platform. You will not do anything that would cause an unreasonable and disproportionate burden on the DATATRADE infrastructure. By having access to the service, you agree to the use of the service only by the means provided by DATATRADE or DATATRADE-authorized companies. You also agree that you will not use any automated means (eg Agents, robots, scripts or spiders) for any reason.

9. Infringement of third party copyrights

In the event that you disclose or make available information or other material that infringes the copyright of a third party, DATATRADE may terminate your access to services.

DATATRADE is not responsible for any damages resulting from this.

DATATRADE may, at its sole discretion, immediately terminate your access to the service if you have violated any point of Article 8 of these Rules in operation.

10. Limitation of Liability

DATATRADE is not responsible for any damages caused by the loss of profits, the use of data and other intangible assets or any indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use the service or unauthorized access, even if DATATRADE has been advised of the possibility of these damages.

11. Compensation for damages

You agree not to harm DATATRADE, its employees or contractors and, in the event of their intentional damages, you are willing to pay damages that may arise as a result of violation of these rules.

12. Termination and consequences

Termination by client

In case of using DATATRADE services without a written contract, the termination of the cooperation is a moment when the DATATRADE service is terminated by the client.
Disbursed fees (cancellation of payment) are returned only in justified cases, after deduction of handling fee min. 20% of the amount.
Entities using paid services confirmed by a written agreement may terminate the service by written notice no later than one month before the service expires with effect from the receipt of the DATATRADE notification.
If you disagree or object to any provision of the rules or their subsequent modification, your only solution is to immediately cease using the service and inform DATATRADE about termination.

Termination of DATATRADE

DATATRADE may, in the event of a breach of these terms by the client, terminate the client's registration immediately by delivering a notice of termination.
In the event of termination of service, your right to use the service is immediately revoked and you agree that DATATRADE may delete all files on your account and block additional access to those files. According to these rules, DATATRADE is not responsible to you or any third party for termination of service.

13. Notifications

All notifications for both parties must be in writing and must be sent by e-mail to if it is a DATATRADE notification. Or they must be sent to the email address you provided to DATATRADE as part of the registration details if it is a notice to you. The notification is deemed to have been received 48 hours after the e-mail was sent, unless the sender is notified that the e-mail was not received.

14. General

In the event of any regulation of these rules being wholly or in part, declared void, unenforceable or ineffective, the remaining part of these rules will be in full. These rules will be edited and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Czech Republic.

General Terms and Conditions valid from May 20, 2018